Scientific Evidence Proving Gambling Addiction Brain Damaging


Every advancement in technology is somehow interlinked with a new challenge for humanity urging to do more and more research especially online gambling.

Similarly, the human brain is considered the most unique and complex part of the body,

which nearly leaves the researchers helpless on many occasions.

Its complexity has propelled the case study about addicted behavior found in gamblers towards gambling or rambling over during this activity.


What Behavior and Moves suggest Gambling Disorder among addicted gamblers

A gambler brain is mostly thinking that gambling is for fun, thrill, and exciting activity that can be turn into good fortune someday.

Despite having continuous defeat, this behavior is compelling the gambler to reach out for more chances.

Why are they desirous of playing the same game again and again when you are at the losing end most of the time?

Is there any rationale behind it because it seems insane to carry on or be hook to something that is not healthy and entertaining anymore?


Neurological facts and researches revealing the science behind  

Well, answer to the above queries are back by numerous researches carry out in this regard.

There is no rationale attach, but instead, there is a painful and bitter truth reveale by psychologists and medical experts.


Dopamine release affecting Gambler Brain 

They suggest that “Dopamine” activates or stimulates neurotransmitter in the brain that is release in the rain during enjoyable activities.

For example, eating good food, having sex or drugs, and at the time of uncertain reward being expected.

Such moments of excitement activate this brain transmitter to release,

which ultimately gives anticipate feelings that reinforce the human brain to take risks rather than fear losing in the end.

It’s because of repeated exposure to gambling or betting

that makes you feel pleasure despite having a low probability of winning instead of avoiding possible loss against the same thing.


Electronic Gaming Machines designed to hook gambler brain     

A gambler present at Online Casinos or sitting on a slot machine doesn’t know how these casino wheels

and electronic gaming machines are design to capture and hook out the gambler brain.

Casinos giving more spinning option themselves is a compelling pro.

All slot machines or the latest electronic machine are upgrade with colorful lights and sounds distracting the players

even when they are losing.

Losing at the brink of winning end overshadow the player’s mind about the skill he never possesses.

It disguises the mind totally that the player is again ready to give it a try with this close to win.

Multi lines Slot machines are provide more chances to win along

with loss that is overlapping the joy over the loss without even realizing it for the better.